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Version: 2.6.0
Initial Release
Based in Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded 2020-07-07
Based in Tochigi
 App Store (2021-03-19)
 /  Google Play (2021-03-19)
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Board game


"Hungry Bunny" is a reversi that uses cute characters as stones to collect food placed on squares and enjoy confrontation with AI.


This is a peaceful bunny country.

But now, a dark cloud was about to enter the bunny country.

The conflict between the white and black bunnies has escalated.

The bad black bunny has kidnapped some of the white bunnies.

Let's challenge the black rabbit to the reversi confrontation and regain peace with the kidnapped white rabbits!

◇ Selling point

1. Cute characters appear

White Rabbit and Black Rabbit appear as Reversi stones.

Rabbits are placed on the board, and you will be healed by their cute appearance and movement.

2. The fun of clearing missions

Added a mission to collect food placed on squares to the normal Reversi rules.

This requires a slightly different procedure than the conventional formula, and even players who are familiar with Reversi can play with a fresh feeling.

3. Enjoy the world view with a loose and fluffy story

Although it is a board game, it has a plot and ending, and you can enjoy the world view with cute characters.

4. The fun of collecting cute characters

As you progress through the game, more and more cute characters can be used as stones.

The characters have various special abilities that give them an advantage in the game, and it's part of the fun of choosing which character to use.

◇ Target users

This game is aimed at adults and children who like to play casual smartphone games and board games.


Initially, I started with illustration production for the purpose of putting out a simple reversi template for the Unity Asset Store. The illustration was better than I imagined, so I changed the policy. Development started as a reversi that can use cute characters as stones.

It will be distributed as "Bunny and Reversi" on the App Store and Google Play on March 19, 2021. This is Feelcerca's first game. The first version was a simple game with no server connection, no billing, and only ad revenue.

Changed to server linkage in version 1.1.0 released on 2021/6/15.

After that, we proceeded with large-scale renovation work, and in version 2.0. We have added a costume function and introduced in-app purchases.

Changed name to "Hungry Bunny" in version 2.1.2 on 11/26/2021. For the purpose of preparing Feelcerca's development library, we implemented a friend function, real-time chat, and mail box.

After that, the game expansion work continued, and in version 2.2.0 on June 11, 2022, a login bonus and energy system were introduced. This has greatly improved user retention.

Playable exhibit for 4 days at Tokyo Game Show 2022 held from 15th to 18th September 2022.

In version 2.4.0 on April 23, 2023, we introduced Legendary Costumes and VIP Cards.

We are still working on adding more features.


  • A cute rabbit appears as a reversi stone.
  • Mission clear by collecting food while being Reversi.
  • Rabbit costume can be changed.



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About Feelcerca Inc.

Feelcerca Inc. was established on July 7, 2020 so that creators can freely devote themselves to creating works. We will develop games, Dapp, Metaverse applications, and various other entertainment-related businesses.

About Michitaka Tsuruta

A game designer who has been developing games since the retro game era. Famicom's "Solomon's Key", "Tsuppari Sumo", "Captain Tsubasa", etc. It's not like he's trying to make a unique game, but that often happens. "Ideas are things that fall. Things that come to mind." His hobby is cycling. he is a novelist.


Director & Engineer & Sound

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