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This is a peaceful bunny country.

But now, a dark cloud was about to enter the bunny country.

The conflict between the white and black bunnies has escalated.

The bad black bunny has kidnapped some of the white bunnies.

Let's challenge the black rabbit to the reversi confrontation and regain peace with the kidnapped white rabbits!

Collect the specified food to clear the mission! You can get coins by clearing the mission. And get a cute character!

A plumpy bunny boy

He sneezes when you press his nose


Specs is very smart

but can't see anything without the glasses

Good at drafting contracts


Ribbons loves dressing up

Keeps the ribbons even in sleep.


Not the serious type

but considers itself a tough guy

When in bad hair, won't do anything.


Nihil sees the world

from a twisted point of view

No efforts please!


Necktie will go to work

today and tomorrow.

When is my bonus pay coming?


A living good luck charm

When you see Golds maybe you will get luckier?


An outlaw bunny who runs the risk

Has a slight sesame fragrance.

2024/2/28 Released version 2.6.0
2023/12/9 Released version 2.5.1
2023/11/4 Released version 2.5.0
2023/8/24 Released version 2.4.1
2023/4/23 Released version 2.4.0. We have introduced Legendary Costumes.
2023/1/28 Official Discord server opened.
2022/11/2 Released version 2.3.0
2022/9/19 Exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2022 (held from September 15th to 18th)
2022/6/12 Released version 2.2.0
2021/11/26 Released version 2.1.2
2021/9/11 Released version 2.0.1
2021/9/10 Released version 2.0.0
2021/6/16 Released version 1.1.0
2021/6/15 Distribution started on Amazon Appstore
2021/3/19 Distribution started on App Store and Google Play
TitleHungree Bunny (New strategy reversi to clear the mission)
GenreBoard game
OSiOS11 (iPhone6) / Android4.4
LanguageEnglish / Japanese / Spanish / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese
PriceFree to play (With in-app purchase)
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